Rajasthan me Akbar Ka Fort(kila)kah par Hai


Vikas Godara

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Sally Said..

Lal Qila It is the most important fort in India. The great Mughals Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jehangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb lived here, and the country was governed from here. It contained the largest state treasury and mint. It was visited by foreign ambassadors, travelers and the highest dignitaries who participated in the making of history in India.

rajasthan pre engineering test 2011 Said..

Akbar's Fort Ajmer, India

Built by Akbar in 1570 for his visits to Ajmer as well as a bastion for his advancing empire, the fort is rather small compared to others. But its lack of size is compensated by its impregnable structure, being one of the strongest forts in southeast Rajasthan. The entire fort is surrouned by two thick walls; one on the outside and another running parallel to it on the inside. The fort walls encompass a double storeyed palace surrounded by a row of columns held together at the top by arches. A large hall in the centre of the palace leads into number of rooms around it, meant for the emperor and his entourage while he was in Ajmer.

Shravan Beniwal Said..