How to Prepare for UGC-NET Exam?

How to Prepare for UGC-NET Exam?


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Basant Rathore Said..

You should do to prepare yourself for UGC-NET Exam:-

  • Thoroughly study the syllabus and understand which sections are suitable for long answer questions.

  • Prepare critical / evaluative answers for each topic of the subject.

  • Set yourself a time limit and note how fast you can complete a 200 word question.

  • Improve your speed as well as handwriting (while writing fast) gradually.

  • Work out excellent introductions and conclusions to all possible questions.

  • Work out side headings that cover the most important points of that question.

  • Remember not many examiners will read the entire answer. But everyone will read the introduction, side heading and the conclusion of your answer.

  • Make an impression on the examiner, right away, with a good statement in the introduction followed by a summary of what you have covered in the 200-word answer.

  • Prepare some extra introductions that can be used for most of the likely quesitons. In case you do not get the question you have prepared for, you can use these general introductions. But work them out cleverly so that they appear specific to that question and not too general and vague.






sailajavelpula Said..

I want to appear for UGC NET JRF for Law, can any one guide that what books i have to prepare and tips to notes preparation.

om prakash saini Said..

i want to prepair net exam so can i do for prepair

sachin Said..

which subject sir tell me please i also try to clear net exam

Dinabandhu Nayak Said..

I want to prepair Net Exam how should clear one time.Plz give some tips.

shameema Said..

i want to prepare net exam. how could i prepare? please help me sir! And i want to clear all the papers in first attempt please guide me sir!

abhi Said..

Prepare your UGC NET Exam Within History Questions and Gk Questions and answers visit
Indian History Questions and answers

abhi Said..

1] Never try to read whole text books, rather go in retrograde fashion. First read Question try to solve it, read explanation if given and then read only relevant portion from text. Choose standard text book for reading like davidson or harrison [CMDT is best] for medicine or LB/Swartz for surgery, rather than reading from large books of postgraduate.

2] don't leave MCQ till u understand answer properly and your concept is clear, else mark it for rereading.

3] There r many Questions that u know well u will never need to read again, Mark questions that u feel that u need to read it again to differentiate it from those disciplined previously.

4] Pneumonia r definately helpful for remebering lists, that will save your time too.

5] Group discussion is quite helpful, but best after all member of group has read same topic.

6] Coaching classes may help u but more after u have read subject once. They can not make u to remember whole subject in 2-3 days rater it is a sort of revision. so more important is your reading. So Reading material of most of coaching class r absolutely useless except their Question bank, Theory from their material will never clear your concepts and r always incomplete. Many Answers given in their key r wrong.

7] In Exam do not leave question unless u dont know any thing about that, even though there r negative markings. If u can rule out one answer probability that u will mark true rises significantly.

8] Go through Pretest harrison and Pretest swartz at least once as many difficult questions r ditto to ditto from these books specially question with clinical scenario.

9] Large numbers of questions r repeated in subsequent exams and else topics r repeated [FOr ex MEN but if u have noticed, no one has asked its investigation and treatment part, though discused in depth in standard read that topic thoroughly. more than 40-50% [ minimum 100-150 MCQ in AIPG] questiona r repeated and if u answer them rapidly it will save your lots of time that u can use for difficult question.

10] give as many mock test as possible seriously u will gain speed.

jyoti Said..

how to prepare for ugc net jrf for political science