What can i do for Free Download UGC NET Exam Sample Paper?

What can i do for Free Download UGC NET Exam Sample Paper?


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Mr.Rajan Said..

Click here for free download sample papers of UGC NET Exam 2008
Free Download UGC NET EXAM Sample Papers

r.yasodha Said..

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aman Said..

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Sample papers of UGC NET


Rajesh Kumar Sansaniwal Said..

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sample papers Of UGC-Net exam of computer Science.

Alvena Said..

Click For Download Sample Paper of
Public Administration

All the Best

Nidhi Said..

Important Notes

1.The study of bones is called ostelogy
-Total no of bones 206
-Smallest bone-Stapes(ear boe)
-Longest bone-Famus(Thigh bone)
-Strongest bone-Tibia(leg bone)
-Total no of muscles-639
-Largest grand-liver
-Longest gland-thyroid
-Longest nerve-Sciatic
-Hardest bone-Tooth enamal
-Total amount of blood in the body is (1/15 of body weight)
-Normal body Temperature-98.6F(37C)

2.Govt.of India banned the student Islamic movement of India (SIMI)because it had linked with Osama Bin Laden’s a1-Qaeda Group
3.The Salary of member of parliament and higher perks is enhanced from Rs.4000 to 12,000 per month and constituency allowance from Rs.8000 to 10,000 per month and daily allowance of Rs.400 to Rs. 500 for a period of five year
4.Competition bill to replace MRTPC (Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practice Act.)
5.Supreme court ruled on August 2,2001 that a public servant convicted in corruption case should not hold office till he was cleared of the charges by a superior court
6.Number of amendments in constitution is 8 till now
7.The terrorist out fit that brought the WTC and destroyed part of Pantagon in Washington is A1-Queda.the network association with Osama Bin Laden
8. ISI-Inter Service Intelligence
9.Durent line boundary between India and Afghanistan
11.Mc Mohan Line:-boundary between India and china
12.Redcliff Line:- boundary between India and Pakistan
13.Palk Strait:- boundary between India and Sri Lanka
14.Prithvi:-Surface to surface missile. It has a range 250km
15.Agni:- Is Surface to surface missile. it has a range1500-2000km
16.Akash:- Is Surface to surface missile. it has a range of 25km
17 Nag: It is an anti tank missile having range of 4km
18.Bank rate is the rate at which the reserve Bank of India gives credit to commercial Banks
19.Amicus Curiae-Lawyer appointment by the court to represent a poor person. it means friend of court
20.C.R.R- Cash Reserve Ratio

RAjwindwer Said..

computer scince

shankr anjna Said..

thank you

shankr anjna Said..

ptet online form vibsit on tha parogam

Anamika Said..

ptet2008.org is online website of PTET

Garima Said..

Hiiiii send me question paper1 and Paper2 & paper3 of Computer Scuence .My Email-Id is garima.gupta29@gamil.com

Hemalatha Said..

I want net exam model question paper in 2005 t0 2008

manju Said..

hai i want net exam model paper

Rajesh Said..

can i download the NET model question paper for computer science & application

kuljit kaur Said..

send me question paper 1 paper 2 paper 3 of education .My E mail is kuljitvirdi29@gmail.com i also want net question paper in 2005to2009 june. Thanks

sivaranjini Said..

i need detail regarding the valuability of writing net and slet exam,and model question paper for both exams and syllabus freely

sivaranjini Said..

i need detail regarding the valuability of writing NET AND SLET EXAM, and model question papers for both exams and syllabus and application freely and my email is ranjinisiva78@yahoo.in, send as soon as possible and i want to write the exam surely i finished my PG DEGREE IN SCIENCE AND IAM WORKING AS A TEACHER AND I HAVE ONLY MINIMUM TIME TO SPENT AND GIVE ME IDEA TO READ EASILY MY WORK IS HEAVY HERE

Surender Singh Said..

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kokilavani Said..

plz i need commerce question papers for net exam

muthusiva Said..

kindly send NET exam question paper for commerce my mail id is muthusivas@yahoo.com

latha Said..

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latha Said..

plz i need question paper for paper1,paper2 and paper3 2005-2009.my email latha.kumar01@gmail.com in management (17)

JAY Said..

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pankaj Said..

i want computer science net previous papaer

angel Said..

Hello friend,
For Previous Years Question Papers Of UGC NET:
U Can Go through these link:-