How Do I Unblock JavaScript?

How Do I Unblock JavaScript?

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P.d Said..

Some people get confused with the 'Advanced' tab, you need to go to the 'Security' tab.

You have to make it a custom level for the internet. A button should be available for you to do that (I am not sure what it is called).
Another button should appear, or it is the button above, that has 'Custom Level...' on it. Click this button.
Scroll down until you see 'Scripting'.
You will need to select either 'Enable' or 'Prompt' on the 'Active scripting' item.

Then you will need to press 'Ok'.
Then 'Ok' again, and it should work for you.

To enable the cookies, I would suggest you have a look at the help file on cookies, as it gives a bit of detail about how to set them and also the different security levels for cookies.
If you search for the word "cookies", a link that says "Understanding Cookies" should appear. After reading the information on this page, click on "Related Topics". This will bring up a list, select "Change your privacy settings". This will explain which setting you should use for the cookies. The setting of "Medium-High" is good, but you could also use "Medium" if "Medium-High" is unsuitable.

The above information is for internet Explorer 6, not 7. I have not used 7, so I do not know if it is different.

For Firefox
Click on 'Tools' menu,
Select 'Options...'
Select the 'Content' icon (is the world)
Look down and see 'Enable JavaScript'
Make sure it has a tick in the box.
Press the 'Ok' button and it should work.

One thing to note. Some people get Java and JavaScript confused. They are not the same thing. If these steps for JavaScript do not work, you may need steps for Java.

Some steps for java are
Internet Explorer 6.
Go to the "Advanced' tab in 'Internet Options', not the 'Security' tab.
Scoll down until you see an entry for 'Java 1.x', make sure it has a tick next to it. Then press 'Ok', etc until the window(s) close.

For Firefox
Do the same as above, but this time select 'Enable Java' instead of "enable JavaScript'.

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