Questions mentioned in detail in the column shown below

1. International Law
What are your perceptions on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Would you like to amend any of the articles or add a new article to the declaration?
2. Strategic Management
Select an appropriate generic strategy to position your printing business unit in its competitive environment (map the environment primarily as a pattern of competitive pressures from rivals, suppliers, buyers, entrants and substitutes).
3. Business English
Write a letter to the Chief Election Commissioner, expressing your views on the disqualification of party candidates exempted from fighting elections. Express your views on the moral code of the candidates. How criminals or other offenders can be kept out of the pulling fray. What should be done to amend the laws on this by the parliament? (Your letter will belong to which category of communication)
4. Management Information System
How will you plan a Management Information System in marketing information system taking into account the actions of antecedents or consequences of consumers, competitors, employers, institutions, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, govt. bodies and NGO’s(Note you must also take into account the physical, technological, economic factors, beside legal and social taboos) (Take an example of your choice).


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